SimComm Academy in action

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Our range of services

We offer training, placements, and support with exams and assessments. We run workshops focusing on the STEPS communication framework and we offer a range of bespoke services.

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We either come to you or we run online, one off or a set of workshops, for groups of participants or individuals. 


For any undergraduate healthcare professional, we are able to provide placements covering a broad range of topic areas in the curriculum.

Exam support

We can provide actor role players for exams (OSCEs) and assessments and we can help you develop exam processes and then run a successful event.


The STEPS communication framework (Start, Time, Empathy, Provision of support and Sense check) is a standalone workshop, where participants are introduced to this key aid to conversations.


If there is something that you would like us to run, we can. This might be larger scale presentations or simulations, films or e-learnings.

Just a few of the names we are proud to work with

We work with a broad range of organisations, both within and outside health and social care. Our relationships with those we work with are loyal and supportive.

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