The STEPS communication framework (Start, Time, Empathy, Provision of support and Sense check) is a standalone workshop, where participants are introduced to this key aid to conversations.

Highly applicable

STEPS can be used to help structure challenging conversations and reduce the anxiety that they can cause us all.

Learn online

Online communication skills sessions with actors are enhanced by following the STEPS framework.

Hear from our clients

I love STEPS. I use it at work, I use it at home. I stop and I think wait, how can I make this better.

Staff Nurse

I've seen so many communication frameworks and I tend to switch off. I need a practical guide. Seeing STEPS work in sessions with actors and facilitators, helps me to see how to make it work, how to have better outcomes.


I am looking forward to using STEPS. I have a challenging conversation coming up and I'm going to use it. Especially the sense check at the end – I want to be able to reflect and check in with myself.


See how we can help your team

We are able to run dedicated sessions where all conversations can be practised using the STEPS model: How do I START? Is it the right TIME? EMPATHY and listening is key. What support can I PROVIDE? And how do I use SENSE-CHECK to help them and help me? 

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